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Women of ichiche

Lindsay Hair: Interior Designer

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“I look for beauty in a variety of sources and have been fortunate to come across such inspiration throughout my travels: an interesting pattern from Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, the vibrancy of red in a traditional Japanese wedding, the geometric mosaics from Villa Kerylos in the South of France. For me, it’s always keeping my eyes open!”



Women of ichiche is a collection of interviews, diving deeper into the lives of women who make an impact on the world around us.


I have been working in the interior design business for twenty years. During that tenure, I have had the privilege of working for Victoria Hagan and Charlotte Moss before launching my own design firm in 2008.

Give us a little history on your business?



What has been your most profound lesson in running Lindsay Hair Interiors?

“Regardless of the project size, location or aesthetic, at the end of the day, you are working with individuals. Their home is where their families will grow, their memories will be made and that is what brings gratification in all this; knowing that we’re a part of creating that backdrop.”



What excites you most about 2019?

“I’ve had the pleasure of representing Collier Webb, a British lighting and furniture brand, in the US for the last five years. It is a company of heritage and craftsmanship that has been well received by the design community in the US. 2019 presents itself as a year of growth and establishment and it has been rewarding to be a part of that and what is next to come.”


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What’s one tip you’d give a mom looking to become an entrepreneur?

“Scheduling and organization can go out the door with a little one! I always try to get as much done when time presents itself as I never know what the next day will bring. Combining motherhood and career has also been a good lesson in prioritization: work will always be there, the stages of childhood won’t. While achieving my career goals is important, when I’m “mommy ” work goes to the back burner and I don’t let it interfere with the time I have with my daughter.”



“[I do my best work] on the coast or in the sky: that vista of “infinity” does wonders for my thought process.”



How do you re-center?

“Completely unplug from technology and simply spend time with family and friends.”

What makes your business stand out?

“The attention to the individual and the attention to detail.”



What is the fondest memory you have related to your business?

“Receiving the advance copy of our first magazine publication and seeing that we made the cover.”



Where do you call home?

“It’s funny as I was asked this recently and generally assumed New York City as that is where I have lived the longest as an adult. However, as we recently moved away, when I go back to NYC, it is surreal because everything is familiar, but it doesn't feel like home. The light bulb went off: home is where my family is!”




Where is your favorite vacation spot?

“Charleston, South Carolina has always been a place of fond memories. St. Barths has always been a place of fun and relaxation!”


What are you…


Cooking Up?

“We’re doing a lot of experimenting with Thai dishes, baking bread and making our own beer.”


I’m a big fan of historical fiction: A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah are two recent novels that I’ve enjoyed.

Listening to?

“These days, it is a lot of Baby Einstein … which is great as classical music is a great source for centering and inspiration.”


What’s next for Lindsay Hair Interior Design?

“We’re working on the decoration of an apartment in Greenwich Village and a beachfront property in Jupiter, Florida. With the arrival of our daughter, we’re in the nascent stages of developing a children’s bedding collection.”