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“Our aim is to give you a feeling of ease and elegance and the sensation you feel when on vacation even in daily life.”

-Denise Alexandra Spencer, Founder & Lead Designer


True comfort

Our 100% crinkle cotton is stylish and elegant all while being soft and comfortable

Effortless elegance

Without the need for extra steaming, ironing or care, our pieces are truly ready to wear.

Support artisans

With fair wages and a positive, comfortable working environment we put our people first.


A Letter from Denise,

From my earliest memories I was always creative. I grew up in a family where everyone on my mother’s side pursued and excelled at some artistic pursuit from drawing, to painting, to singing or playing not just one but multiple musical instruments.  From as far back as I can remember I had an adventurous spirit and a drive to explore the world wherever, whenever, however. Unlike some people I know who go somewhere only to be ready to return home after a short time, I had what I refer to as the “what’s over there bug” - once I got to one destination I didn’t think about going back but always fantasized about the next place from that location that I might get to. In addition, from middle school on, I had an intense interest in fashion and styling. I devoured every fashion magazine each month and eventually stockpiled years of Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle in my parent’s basement.

I met a man from Istanbul, who now is my husband, just at the end of university in Boston, and as soon as I graduated a friend and I embarked on a grand adventure across Europe, ultimately ending in Istanbul to visit him. A few years later when he decided to return back to Istanbul from the States I followed and built a life in Turkey learning the language, the culture, and exploring the rich history of handcrafts and beautiful textiles. I gained a great appreciation and love for all things handmade.

As time went on, I was able to indulge my wanderlust more and more from my base of Istanbul that sits on the divide between Europe and Asia. Through traveling and the varied experiences in each place, I found that I wanted to dress with ease and elegance and be able to transition from the beach to exploring to dining out, while not having to pack a lot. I wasn’t able to easily find the types of pieces I wanted so began designing for myself. Through a US based non-profit organization that had been supporting a group of women artisans after the massive Izmit earthquake, I met a talented and skilled seamstress with whom I work closely to this day to bring my ideas and designs to life.

Talking over lunch one day, my husband and I came up with the name “ichiche” which means “intertwined” in Turkish and it seemed a perfect fit. Not only does it describe the mix that is my life of an American in Turkey but my belief that all things, all experiences, and all beings are somehow connected. The path I have followed has led me to working in a small village in Turkey with a woman whose life is so different from mine, and yet we come together to create beautiful garments through my ideas and her hands.

Today life is still ever changing and my husband and I split time between Istanbul, New York City and the Hudson Valley. I’m inspired by each locale and my travels to continue to design and create the pieces that I want to wear wherever I find myself.