Women of Ichiche | Denise Alexandra Spencer


Women of Ichiche

Denise Alexandra Spencer; Founder & Lead Designer of Ichiche

image credit    And North

image credit And North


“Our aim is to give you a feeling of ease and elegance and the sensation you feel when on vacation even in daily life.”



Women of Ichiche is a collection of interviews, diving deeper into the lives of women who make an impact on the world around us.



Give us a little history on your business?

Denise: I’ve had a love affair with fashion, art, and textiles my whole life and grew up in a creative family where everyone on my mother’s side was a musician or an artist of some kind so designing came naturally to me. I travel and move around a lot and I always look for effortless but also elegant and beautiful pieces to wear so I’ve taken that desire and channeled it through my creative side and started Ichiche.



What has been your most profound lesson in running ichiche?

Denise: Even when you expect things will take longer than planned, they may still run off schedule or be beyond your control, so it’s important to stay calm and keep moving steadily forward even if the pace isn’t what you think it should be.



What excites you most about 2019?

Denise: Continuing to work with my seamstress and right hand to turn my ideas and inspirations into wearable designs and sharing them with others. As soon as I am satisfied a piece is in its final form, I become obsessed with new ideas and wanting to make them reality, so I and others can wear them.




Where do you do your best work?

Denise: I’m most focused and productive when I’m at home and it’s very quiet which is usually towards the end of the day or rather late at night. I’m always working in my head and then I need these times to put all of that onto paper or into the computer.



“I love to wander through markets and shops anywhere in the world and get ideas from all of the shapes, colors, and textiles I see, as well as from the feeling of being in a place.”



Where do you find your inspiration?

Denise: Almost everywhere, but mostly through travels and experiences in my own life. I always design either what I would want or someone I know or meet during my travels are looking to wear. I love to wander through markets and shops anywhere in the world and get ideas from all of the shapes, colors, and textiles I see, as well as from the feeling of being in a place.



What makes your business stand out?

Denise: It’s a reflection of me and my aesthetic so ichiche is unique since my experiences that shape my vision belong only to me. I have a strong commitment to quality and to ethical production. As ichiche grows it is my goal that the lives of those instrumental in producing our line also grow and improve.




“As Ichiche grows it is my goal that the lives of those instrumental in producing our line also grow and improve."



What is the fondest memory you have related to Ichiche?

Denise: It’s always when someone sees and loves a piece as much as I do since so much of my soul goes into it. I was at an art gallery last year wearing one of the pieces from the upcoming  2019 collection and a woman said, “I die for that dress!”



What’s next for ichiche, brand-wise?

Denise: I want to get the core collection on solid footing and slowly start to add other designs to grow the base of staple pieces. There will also be new colors in both pre-existing and new styles.




Where do you call home?

Denise: My life is quite diverse in that I actually call 3 places home: Istanbul, Turkey; New York City; and Hudson, NY. Each place is a unique facet of my life that blends with the other to keep things diverse and interesting.


Brands Denise loves


John Varvatos

“While he designs for men, I like to wear his t-shirts and when I can find a jacket or vest in a small enough size I love to mix that into my wardrobe. Playing with combining hard and soft, masculine and feminine creates a nice balanced style in my opinion”

Shannon Koszyk

“I love Shannon’s jewelry for its edgy, rocker style”

Ebru Gunay

I also adore the tailored shirts and chunky knits of my designer friend Ebru Gunay in Istanbul. She has the best eye for adding unique twists and yet creating pieces that are versatile and very wearable.”


Where is your favorite vacation spot?

That is a difficult question! It really depends what kind of vacation I’m looking for and with whom I’ll be traveling. My husband and I love to go to St. Barths every year. It’s beautiful and comfortable and we’ve been going for such a long time that we have our own groove that we get into there and it’s very relaxing. When we’re in Istanbul we love to go for a long weekend to Mykonos or another one of the Greek Islands since they are so close. And whether I’m traveling with him or with friends Ibiza and Formentera are always high on my list. When I’m traveling alone or with a more adventurous friend I love to go to Southeast Asia and explore. Sri Lanka was one of my most favorite places of all time. I could go on and on, I like to joke that I love to travel so much that if someone asks me simply to cross the street I’d say yes!


Favorite Music

lounge or deep house music

Immaculate Ibiza by The Eivissa Immaculada Project

Mixcloud | Marga Sol and DJ Dimsa

Current Reads

The Dreamers: A Novel by Karen Thompson Walker

“I love books that weave a bit of philosophical thought into the story. For me something thought provoking or mind bending is the best read.”