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all things bringing us joy this spring

Photo Credit:  And North

Photo Credit: And North


Lately we’re spending a lot of time in Hudson, NY because we’re renovating a house there. Our two favorite restaurants are Gaskins in Germantown and Hudson Food Studio in Hudson. The menu at Gaskins constantly changes based on what’s fresh and available, but everything is delicious. I usually want almost every starter and there is always some kind of pasta on the menu, which is usually mind blowing. Hudson Food Studio has some of the best Asian inspired food I’ve had and I think about it even when I’m not in Hudson. My go-to dishes are the Braised Japanese Eggplant or the Warm Sesame Noodles.



I just arrived in Istanbul a few days ago. It’s been a bit since I’ve spent time in our home here because I’ve been so busy in NY. I will be working on new designs & colors for Summer and our upcoming participation in Field & Supply on Memorial Day Weekend; finishing up details of the renovation we are working on here; spending time with our 9 rescue cats; and visiting people and places I miss while I’m away. Stay tuned in the coming months for my guide to the city.



Always a mix of things, here’s the first volume we put together for our Ichiche readers:

Ichiche Spotify Playlist

Hope you enjoy!


I just started watching The OA Part 2. I LOVED Part 1, mystery and philosophy all wrapped into one series!

Photo from  Out of the Bex

Photo from Out of the Bex


While we were on vacation in January I read The Dreamers: A Novel by Karen Thompson Walker. Next on my list of fiction is The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas. I tend to read mostly non-fiction but when I want to relax and have a mental escape I seek out interesting fiction that weaves a bit of philosophical thought into the story. For me something thought provoking or mind bending is the best read. I’m back in the real world  currently reading Why She Buys by Bridget Brennan to better understand my customers and fine tune Ichiche’s product offerings and shopping experience.